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1-on-1 Coaching & Group Programs

Mathew Martello, a native to Norristown, PA and the founder of this academy is a 2000 USCF level chess player (Master) and has been passionately studying the game of chess for 13 years.  Matt offers 1-on-1 coaching through video conferencing to dedicated players that range from beginner level middle school students to intermediate level adults.  Matt's coaching style is hands on, you will be playing online games with Matt as he provides move by move feedback.  Matt's coaching philosophy is grounded in encouragement and meticulous game review.  Matt offers monthly coaching packages and extracurricular programs for students.  


free intro Chess coaching session.

Schedule your free 1-on-1 online chess coaching session now, and discover how to improve your game from a master.

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I engaged Matt’s service and knowledge to improve my game, I wanted to be able to compete and hold my own against players in the 1600 to 1900 range. Matt instilled In me that you have to have a mental toughness and you have to concentrate on every move if you want to play at a higher level. My game has stepped up. Recently I played a 2300 rated player...and though I lost a tough game, my opponent complimented me, saying “you are good but you made a mid-game mistake that cost you.” I think with Matt’s help I will avoid those mistakes in the future and my game will get even better.
— Ronald Neumer, professional writer
Matt has patiently and attentively worked with me for two years boosting my chess rating from approximately 900 to mid 1300’s. He’s taught me tactics, general strategy, theory and a love of the game. Win or lose, I love the game and credit Matt’s instilling his love of the game in me.
— Ira Siegel, former ibm employee
Over the past five months of working with Matt my chess team can tell I am improving greatly. I have learned many checkmate tactics and others. With Matt, I have learned how to be more patient and look a few moves ahead.
— 5th grade student, masterman school
Matt’s coaching has helped me improve my mid and end game play tremendously. I had the tendency to make moves that would sabotage my strong board positions and lead to slow, but sure defeats. Much of Matt’s coaching has helped me see how to leverage my pawns and structure my board for better end-game closings.
— Patrick Masucci, entrepreneur


Coach-client relationship

Before ever engaging a new client, I like to make sure we are a good fit.

I hold an intro 30 minute chess session to evaluate the clients' needs, and to identify the areas of their game they can improve in most. 

I only take on focused clients, who are serious about improving their game, and who feel that I am a good fit for their learning style.

If you are serious about improving your game for the long term, schedule your intro session, let's play a game, and discuss your chess coaching goals!


About Me

Chess is my passion

I started competing in chess tournaments in 2012, around the same time I was a senior in high school and the treasurer of my chess club. 

As a child, I became super interested in the game, and began beating my father at chess at a very young age. 

On average, I play 3 chess tournaments a month.

I work intimately with 7 chess coaching clients at the moment and am launching an intensive 1-week chess camp for middle to high school students this summer.

You would be challenged to find a more passionate chess player out there...